Monday, December 11, 2017


Jessica Mauboy has been announced as the Australian entrant in 2018 Lisbon Eurovision. Jessica retuns to Eurovision stage having been "the Aussie entry zero" aka the interval act in Copenhagen 2014, when Australia was invited to provide the interval act for the semifinal two, and the next year they entered the contest scoring 5th, 2nd and 9th place since. Now it's Jessica's turn to try and keep Australia's top-10 score intact.
Jessica (28) rose to fame nine years ago in Australian Idol being the runner up. She has released three studio albums so far and over 30 singles, nine of them Top-10 hits. She's also actress and has released also three soundtrack albums.
This blogger had a pleasure to meet and have a little chat with Miss Mauboy in Copenhagen and she was very down to earth and nice!


Sicilian Giovanni Montalbano has won the second wildcard for the Sammarinese 1in360 selection, the internet card that is, and even before his announcement fans reacted to his (and others) suspicious votes. Apparently Montalbano got 170.000 votes within 24 hrs, judging by the comments. This blogger can't say a thing as I wasn't following the process. In fact the organizers themselves gave a statement in Facebook about all that fuss last night:

We've received emails from several 1 in 360 fans alleging fraud in connection with the open process for the selection of wild card no. 2. Specifically, they pointed out that certain candidates gained tens of thousands of votes in a short period of time. We appreciate this may look suspicious.
Going into this, we considered requiring fans to pay a small amount of money in order to cast a vote. While this wouldn't have prevented fraud, it would at least have made it more expensive. In the end, however, we decided to be as inclusive as possible.
There's very little we, as organizers, can do to prevent fraud in a free social media vote. Some of the same singers who've achieved a large number of votes on our website also garnered tens of thousand of views and/or likes on YouTube. This shows the difficulty of policing the process.
While it's technically possible to identify multiple votes from the same IP address, it becomes very messy to distinguish legitimate artists from those who, for example, purchase bulk votes from a botnet operator (which is easy to do).We went into this fully aware that we can't control the outcome of an internet based vote. That's why we decided to use a mix of different voting mechanisms, including the fan club vote, the San Marino wild card and a jury vote for the remaining seven candidates.
Keep in mind that ultimately we're looking for the "internet candidate". Given that, it's only natural that one wild card should be decided by the internet, with all the good and bad things that this entails.
If any of you objects to the results, you'll have plenty of opportunity to do so during the live shows.
In the meantime, we'd ask that you give all candidates a fair chance.

Oh well, no comment. He joins Finnish Emma chosen by OGAE members, and eight other finalists (seven chosen by a jury, and one selected by SMRTV out of a handful of Sammarinese artists)

Sunday, December 10, 2017


 After Jamala more happy pregnancy news: Måns Zelmerlöw is expecting!
And so are Naviband! Congratulations both!
Lucie got proposed... err, hang on. She's married already!
Ruth is expecting, too. Xmas that is.
Saara celebrated #Finland100 and miraculously for The Day it didn't rain 
but we got a pretty white snow instead!
Also Gabbani enjoyed some snowy whites
as did Bilan
Norma John went to Poland to see (and sung with) Kasia
Måns had a threesome with Carola and Loreen
Two generation Eurovision from Iceland
 Omar got cozy with Maja...
 ... and Nusa...
... and Tinkara
Hovig gave free hugs
Isaiah sported a new look at Aria awards
Lordi IS prepairing his new look
 Imri is this week's coverboy
... and Demy the covergirl.
How is your Xmas preparations going?

Saturday, December 09, 2017


Portuguese Eurovision song contest 2017 winner Salvador Sobral has finally got a new heart. The long operation took place yesterday and it all went well in Santa Cruz Hospital in Carnaxide. The heart transplant was necessary as the 27-year-old Salvador suffered from advanced heart failure. and he had been in the waiting list for a new heart since September 11, when he was hospitalized and had to cancel several concerts and retire from the music business. He is now hospitalized in intensive care. Get well soon!

Friday, December 08, 2017


Russian Eurovision stars Dima Bilan (2md in 2006, 2st in 2006) and Sergey Lazarev (3rd in 2016) have finally released the video for their joint hit single Prosti menya, filmed in Sintra, Portugal this summer. The guys started their career same time and have since been often rivals and have both developed their careers over the years, sometimes they have crossed paths (Lazarev also took part in the Russian national final 2008 placing 4th with Flyer) , sometimes they went to different directions but the claimed hostility between them is nonexistent, and this duet cements their professional friendship finally. It was worth the wait. 
Meanwhile Biland has released his new album Egoist


Today's Slovenia's turn to reveal their entries for Eurovision 2018. Their EMA will have a semifinal wherefrom half the songs will qualify for the final: four by a jury, four by televoters. 50-50 jury-televote will reign in the final, too.
Two previous winners in the line up. ManuElla (failed to qualify in 2016) and one of this blogger's favorite Slovenian entries, as Tanja Ribič makes a comeback! (with Zubi se, 10th in 1997). Last year's runner up BQL tries again and other familiar names include King Foo, Lea Sirk, Nika Zorjan, Ina Shai and Nuška Drašček, who all took part also last year!
The songs were chosen among the 108 submissions

Anabel – Pozitiva 
BQL – Ptica 
Gregor Ravnik – Zdaj je čas 
Ina Shai – V nebo 
Indigo – Vesna 
King Foo – Žive sanje 
Lara Kadis – Zdaj sem tu 
Lea Sirk – Cirque 
ManuElla – Dan Potem 
Marina Martensson – Blizu 
Mila – Svoboda 
Nika Zorjan – Uspavanka 
Nuška Drašček – Ne zapusti me zdaj 
Orter – Tisoč let 
Proper – Ukraden cvet 
Tanja Ribič –  Ljudje 

Thursday, December 07, 2017


Also Hungary has sorted their selection out and as usual the 30 songs will be divided in three heats with eliminations, then two semifinals with eliminations and finally the final. Among the artist several already well known names from Viktor Király to Gabi Knoll, from Leander Kills to Benjamin Pál, Peet Project, Odett, Reni Tolvai and Adám Szábo.
And as usual you have it all from hard rock to electro swing and acoustic pop and everything in between. Oh, and Freddie will be co-hosting the shows!

Andy Roll – Turn the Lights On
 (Dutka András ) 
(Kökényes Dániel, Brucker Bence, Veress Áron, Schiszler Soma – Siklósi Örs) 
Ceasefire X – Satellites 
(Vavra Bence András, Szűcs Norbert – Kozma Kata) 
Dánielffy Gergely – Azt mondtad
(Dánielfy Gergely – Völgyesi Árpád) 
Fourtissimo Electride – Kisnyuszi a kalapban
(Ferencz-Kuna Valéria, Kuna Márton, Ferencz-Kuna Gyula, Kuna Bence )
Gulyás Roland – Hypnotized
(Márta Alex)
Ham ko Ham– Bármerre jársz
(Tóth G. Zoltán –  Kathy Zsolt) 
Heincz Gábor ”BIGA” – Good vibez
 (Heincz Gábor – Méhes Adrián) 
Horváth Cintia – Journey
(Balogh Tamás, Horváth Cintia) 
Horváth Tamás (Tomi) – Meggyfa
(Horváth Tamás) 
Király Viktor – Budapest Girl
 (Király Viktor, Ash Hicklin, Závodi Marcel) 
Knoll Gabi – Nobody to die for
(Knoll Gabi, Burai Krisztián, Stanislav Bendarzsevszkij) 
Leander Kills – Nem szól harang
(Köteles Leander) 
Living Room (Pál Benjamin & Friderikusz Péter) – Kirakat, élet
(Pál Benjamin, Prommer Patrik) 
Maszkura és a Tücsökraj – Nagybetűs szavak
(Biró Szabolcs, Boros Gábor, Földesi Attila, Kertész Csaba, Vikukel Dániel) 
Maya ’n’ Peti (Mayalina) – Nekem Te
(Szalma Edvárd, Szikszai Péter) 
Nemzenekar – Waiting
 (Pásztor Gyula, Károly Tamás) 
Nene zenekar – Mese a királyról
 (Vörös Milán Erik, Orsovai Renáta Katalin, Márkosi József, Boda Evelin, Varga Szabolcs Balázs, Ferencz Péter) 
Noémo – Levegőt!
(Takácsová Noémi, Szabó Dániel Ferenc, Szeifert Bálint Artúr, Tóth István, Jeszenszky Márton) 
Nova Prospect – Vigyázó
(Kiss József – Schautek Bálint)
Peet Project – Runaround
 (Ferencz Péter, Magán Olivér, Závodi Attila, Gudics Martin, Gudics Marcell) 
Odett (Polgár Odett) – Aranyhal
(Toldi Miklós, Polgár Odett – Hujber Szabolcs)
SativuS  – Lusta lány
(Szabó Márton – Pájer Gábor) 
Süle Zsolt  – Zöld a május
( Süle Zsolt, Bodnár Péter) 
#yeahla feat. Eszes Viki (JELA feat. Eszes Viki) – 1 Szó Mint 100 

(Jelasity Péter) 
Szőke Nikoletta, Kökény Attila, Szakcsi Lakatos Róbert – Életre kel
(Szakcsi Lakatos Róbert – Müller Péter Sziámi) 
The Matter – Broken Palms  withdrawn*
(Isaak Palmer, Kozák Örs, Joel David Perez Garcia, Antal Kert) 
Tolvai Reni – Crack My Code Everest
(Bella Máté, Závodi Marcel – Johnny K. Palmer)
Vastag Tamás – Ne hagyj reményt
(Sztevanovity Krisztián – Sztevanovity Dusán)
Yesyes (Szabó Ádám & Katona Tamás) – I let you run away
 (Szabó Ádám, Somogyvári Dániel – Yesyes) 

*replaced by Parikadomp - Jó szelet!

Listen snippets of the songs here


Latvia has also revealed their Supernova 2018 entries, and among them several names from Markus Riva and Aminata as songwriter. And of course very Despacito inspired entry.... but also Riva goes for the Latin vibe, will it be his turn this time? Aminata on the other hand copies herself as every year her entries become weaker and weaker copies of the original idea while the singers also seem to get weaker.... As usual and often in Latvian (and Lithuanian) semifinals, a lot of rather anonymous jazzy simil artsy lounge music that doesn't please anyone but jurors, if even them. MADARA is the early fan favorite.....
93 songs were submitted this year, but only 63 fulfilled the rules and these 21 made the cut. Three semifinals will follow with seven songs each, two of them making it to the final in late February 2018. 

Agnese Stengrēvics – You Are My World 
(Helvijs Stengrevics, Agnese Stengrevics)
Liene Greifāne – Walk the Talk 
(Liene Greifāne, Ylva Persson, Linda Persson)
MIONIA (Maija Līcīte) – You 
(Maija Līcīte)
Laura Rizzotto – Funny Girl 
(Laura Rizzotto)
MADARA – Esamība 
(Madara Fogelmane)
Katrine Lukins – Running Red Lights 
(Katrine Lukins, Andris Lūkins, Kaspars Ansons)
Monta – 1000 Roses 
(Monta Ķimene)
Jenny May (Maija Stuģe) – Soledad 
(Maija Stuģe, Martin Karl Hägglund,Martin Björn Hanzén, Tim Erik Åström, 
Michael Javier Hernan Barraza Alfaro)
Markus Riva – This Time 
(Markus Riva, Kaspars Ansons, Edgars Krastiņš, Quincy Thompson)
Edgars Kreilis – Younger Days 
(Edgars Kreilis, Kaspars Ansons)
Ritvars – Who’s Counting? 
(Rihards Lībietis, Mārcis Vasiļevskis, Toms Lisments, Kristīne Pleša, Erna Daugaviete, 
Toms Kursītis, Mārtiņš Miļevskis, Dāvis Bindemanis, Sabīne Žuga)
Lauris Valters – Lovers Bliss
(Lauris Valters, Reinis Briģis)
Ed Rallidae (Edvards Grieze) – What I Had With You 
(Aminata Savadogo, Kaspars Ansons)
In My Head – Sunset 
(Evija Smagare, Armands Varslavāns, Rūdolfs Iļķēns)
 (DVINES, Pēteris Pāšs, Andris Strazds, Kaspars Ansons)
Hypnotic – Pray 
(Sabīne Geiba, Beatrise Heislere, Ruslans Kuksinovičs)
Sudden Lights – Just Fine 
(Andrejs Reinis Zitmanis, Kārlis Matīss Zitmanis, Mārtiņš Matīss Zemītis, Kārlis Vārtiņš)
Kris & Oz (Kris Morins & Arturs Osipovs) – Morning Flight 
(Artūrs Osipovs, Kristīne Morina, Kristīne Sisējeva, Aleksandrs Solovjovs)
Rahu the Fool – Oh, Longriver 
(Pēteris Narubins, Rahu the Fool)
(Horens Stalbe, Vladimirs Eglītis, Mārtiņš Burkevics, Renarts Braufmanis)
Katrīna Gupalo & the Black Birds – Intoxicating Caramel 
(Katrīna Gupalo)


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