Saturday, May 12, 2018


Here we go again. The day has arrived. Tonight we know if the gang in the bubble is packing their summer gear again and will have sunny beach Eurovision in Cyprus or maybe Israel, or will they be in rainy Ireland or shores of Baltic in Lithuania or Germany, in the busy city beat of Paris or having some slow food in Torino? Or maybe somewhere else no one even thinks about just now? I for one don't have a clue! I don't think I havee been this clueless ever. (I say that every year I know and in the end it's all clear and as I thought but at this point it's hard to believe...) I have my favorites of course but are they the ones I think will win? Maybe not. 
This might be the last Eurovision I am blogging, so I'm taking it easy. Go get some pastel de nata from Helsinki's Portuguese bakery and some vinho verde, sit back and enjoy the show.
Below are the odds at the moment writing this (Saturday morning 9.30 CET). Let's see how write they are this time....

It's also worth remembering always someone flops, and someone surprises....

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